Route of footpath PR-A 272 Alozaina-Siete Fonts

  • Type: Short route
  • Length: 9 kilometres Slope: 813 metres
  • Lower altitude: 390 metres a.s.l. Upper altitude: 1,203 metres a.s.l. Route: Linear
  • Continuity of the path
  • Wrong direction
  • Estimated duration: 4 hours (one way)
  • Type of terrain: Mountainous
  • Difficulty: High

The route starts on the A-366 road, next to the town centre of Alozaina. The beginning of the route goes uphill, along a path that leads to the area of the municipal water tanks, and then continues on to the so-called Llano de Zaralejo. From there, the route continues along an old path, which in a short distance is cut by the Sierra Prieta track. From this track, and always going uphill, there are two options.

There are two options to access the Puerto de Pino Alto by the Senda de la cañada del Tío Felipe or by the Senda del Romeral.  From the Puerto de Pino Alto, the option is to continue the climb up the hillside until you reach the old Fuente de Sierra Prieta, at the head of the ravine of the same name, which later becomes the River Jorox.

On the way back, from the Pino Alto pass, it is advisable to take a different route to the ascent.